VONYX WM61 Wirel.Micro UHF 16 Ch 1 Micro Bezžični ručni mikrofon

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  • Prodavac: VONYX
  • Tip: 179.260

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  • Bez PDV: 10.775 RSD

Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Tip bežičnog sistema: Ručni
Primena: party, speech, karaoke, sport lessons, meetings and so on
Oblik: Ručni
Raspon frekvencije: 40Hz - 17.000Hz
Broj kanala: 16
Radni raspon (područje): 863.000 - 865.000 MHz
Specifikacije: Handheld Microphone with display showing the frequency and battery low indication
Specifications II: PLL oscillator
Specifications III: Clear display
Karakteristike: IR Learning
Features II: Balanced XLR output and a single mix unbalanced 6.3mm output
Features III: Mains adaptor and 6.3mm jack supplied
Dužina: Dimensions: Receiver 185mm
Širina: 215mm
Visina: 40mm

The Vonyx WM6 Wireless Microphone Series delivers clear, noise-free wireless transmission and excellent sound reproduction. Simple setup and installation allow you to transmit clear sound instantly. These systems operate in the 863-865MHz UHF band and features 16 channels, signal to noise ratio performance and are provided with a bright and clear display. These are great microphone devices for party, speech, karaoke, sport lessons, meetings and so on.

Item No.: 179.260

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