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Drums and percussion are musical instruments that are played in such a way that we strike them with our hands or with mallets or drumsticks. The naming is based on the way these instruments are played, in the acoustic sense, drums and percussion are divided into two groups, membranophones and idiophones. Tensile drumheads or membranes made of artificial materials or structured leather sound like membranophones. Idiophones (self-ringing), on the other hand, are designed to sound like the material from which the instrument is made. The pitch depends on the size of the musical instrument or the diameter of the drumhead. Larger resonators or drumheads oscillate more slowly and therefore produce lower frequencies, that is, lower, more bass sounds or tones.

Percussion instruments are divided into two types according to their sound characteristics:

  • Percussion instruments which can be intonated (have a definable pitch)
  • Percussion instruments that are not intonated (have an indeterminate pitch).

If we compare drums and percussion with other groups of musical instruments, depending on the method of performance, we find in the group of drums and percussion the most different types of instruments. In the past, only a few of them were represented in classical music in symphony orchestras. In the initial period, only timpani were constantly represented, other percussion instruments were present more occasionally.

It is quite different in contemporary popular music, where drums and percussion are practically inevitable and there are only a few bands without them. In some cases, such as e.g. Latin American genres of popular music, however, drums and percussion are often the most numerous group of instruments in the ensemble.

Drums are musical instruments that belong to percussion, if we define it more precisely, to the membranophone instruments. A musician who plays drums is called a drummer. Drums are classified into a group of instruments without a definable tone (intonation), which is not entirely correct, as a well-tuned drum can have a clearly identifiable basic tone.

Drums are usually assembled into a percussion "battery" or drum set. The basic set consists of a snare drum, one or more toms, a bass drum and cymbals. In everyday communication, these terms are rarely used, English terms or their derivatives are more often used colloquially: small drum - snare, smaller transitional drum - tom or tom-tom, larger transitional drum - floor tom, big drum - bass drum. Drums are usually played with wooden sticks, but lately sticks made of other materials are also available, e.g. carbon. The exceptions are bass drums, which are not played with sticks, but with a pedal on which a beater is mounted. In music, drums are mostly used as an accompanying instrument, but occasionally also as a solo instrument.

In the Drums and Percussion category, you will find a wide selection of drums and related hardware and accessories from brands such as Mapex, Meinl, Sonor, Tama, Yamaha, Sabian, etc.

Modern drumheads are usually made of artificial materials, mostly plastic. In rock music, drummers often use multi-layered drumheads, while in ethno or jazz ensembles, drummers prefer to use thinner and more tonally responsive drumheads. The drumheads are factory-mounted on a metal frame that is placed between the drum housing and a metal ring mounted on the perimeter of the housing. The desired tone is achieved by tightening the screws. After a certain period of use, the membranes lose their flexibility and thus their tone, so they need to be changed regularly. In our stock you will find a wide selection of drumhead manufacturers Evans and Remo.

Drumsticks are usually made of wood, and the type of wood can affect their durability. For example, oak and hickory * (hickory: American white walnut) drumsticks are very durable, and maple is lighter and more flexible, but less durable.

* hickory: American white walnut

The tips are most often made of wood, but they can also be plastic. Wooden tips can be chipped or broke off after prolonged use. The plastic tips have a very good bounce and emphasize the tone of the cymbals. They are also recommended when playing electric drums, because a split wooden tip can damage the playing surface of the drum pad. The problem with plastic tips is that they sometimes fall off, which can be a serious problem if this happens in the middle of a concert.

Drumsticks differ in size, we know 3 main groups:

  • 7A are narrower and lighter. Those are suitable for gentler and softer drum sound. They are great for performing jazz music, but also suitable for younger drummers.
  • 5A is the most common dimension of drumsticks and allows for both loud and gentle playing. These are great sticks for playing rock music!
  • 2B / 5B are thicker sticks suitable for producing a louder tone. They are ideal for performing more rock musical styles (heavy metal, hard rock ...).

In addition to all of the mentioned above, you will also find a wide selection of cymbals, percussion hardware, percussion instruments, Orff and children's percussion and percussion accessories in our online store.

AROMA TDX-15S Electronic Drumkit

AROMA TDX-15S set sadrži 3 tom pada, dual-zone snare pad, uspravni pad bas bubnja, pedalu za bas bubanj, hi-hat, hi-hat pedalu, te crash i ride činelu..

50.000 RSD

NUX je dizajnirao svoj novi model elektronskih bubnjeva DM-7X zajedno s legendarnim proizvođačem bubnjarskih opni Remo, a sve u svrhu poboljšanja zvuk..

88.421 RSD

NUX DM-210 je elektronski bubnjarski set. Možete vježbati u svojoj sobi, a zatim ga vrlo lako postaviti na pozornicu ili u studiju. Jednostavan je za ..

59.211 RSD

AROMA TDX-18P Electronic Drumkit

AROMA TDX-18P je kvalitetan i cjenovno pristupačan set ako tražite svoje prve elektronske bubnjeve. Sadrži sve standardne funkcije elektronskih bubnje..

43.421 RSD

Podložena torba za cajon. Crne boje, materijal izrade poliester. Visina: 43,5 cm, Šrina: 30 cm, Dubina 30,5cm 2 naramenice za nošenje na leđima P..

2.567 RSD

SCHLAGWERK HP8D7 DOMINANT HANDPAN je očaravajuć, umirujuć, opuštajuć ručni bubanj, te je sa svojim jasnim tonom i efektom katedrale idealan za korište..

174.869 RSD

Zildjian K set sadrži set tamnih činela s traženim tradicionalnim zvukom serije K u svim univerzalnim standardnim veličinama. Zildjian K činele vraćaj..

171.053 RSD

NUX DM-8 je najnoviji set bubnjeva koji sadrži nove inovativne tehnologije, pružajući bubnjarima autentičan akustični osjećaj i realistično izražajno ..

129.079 RSD


Specifikacije: Range g""-c"""""Specifications II: Tuning: A= 442 HzSpecifications III: Mounted in a lockable transport caseKarakteristike: Pitch Range..

272.237 RSD

Zvuk: SvetaoSustain: KratkoTežina: SrednjaFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: MesingDiameter: 14" Hi Hat, 16" Crash, 20" RideSpecifikacije: Start your Zild..

35.921 RSD


Zvuk: Svetlo, fokusirano i glasnoOpne: 12" (30,5 см) SynteticTip: PVC ĐembeStil: Karipski stilVisina: 24" (61 см) Item No.: 5293..

16.854 RSD

ZILDJIAN A0761 CLASSIC Orchestral 18" Marching Činele

Item No.: A0761..

107.763 RSD

EVANS RF12D 12 2-Sided Standard 12" Practice pad

EVANS RF12D je 2-strani practice pad, promjera 12". Evans RealFeel serija guma za vježbanje (practice padova) jedna je od najpopularnijih opcija, koj..

6.565 RSD

Finiš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B8Činele: 1x Hi-Hat, 1x Ride, 1x CrashSpecifikacije: 14" I Family hi-hat,Specifications II: 16" I Family crashSpecifica..

65.657 RSD

Zvuk: TemenČinele: Includes 14" HiHat, 16" Crash, 18" Crash, 20" RideSpecifikacije: Darker tone S Family cymbalsSpecifications II: Random hammering fo..

87.631 RSD

SCHLAGWERK HP8DM NATURAL HANDPAN je očaravajuć, umirujuć, opuštajuć ručni bubanj, te je sa svojim jasnim tonom i efektom katedrale idealan za korišten..

174.869 RSD

MEINL WC1212ZFA-M Woodcraft 12 1/2˝ Konge

Promjer 12.5″, drvo troslojni američki bijeli jasen, high gloss Zebra Finished Ash, True Skin Buffalo heads, 10mm strong tuning lugs 5mm tradition..

73.703 RSD


YUKA DJPA014-26 je 14" djembe (35,5 cm) u promjeru, sa 26" (66 cm) visine, ali unatoč svojoj impresivnoj veličini, ovaj djembe je vrlo lagan. Savršeno..

23.180 RSD

EVANS ARF7GM Apprentice 7" Practice pad

EVANS ARF7GM je jednostrani practice pad, promjera 7". Evans RealFeel serija guma za vježbanje (practice padova) jedna je od najpopularnijih opcija, ..

3.684 RSD

OSS DSW1420 je mrežica sa snare sa 20 čeličnih žica srednje debljine (0,6 mm) i kromiranim završecima. Uključene su i dvije trake za pričvršćivanje. Ž..

1.237 RSD

CP605 MORADO; Fineline Comfort Morado omogućuje posebno iskustvo zvuka zahvaljujući specijalnoj snare tehnici s pojedinačnim CW² snare žicama. U setu ..

52.500 RSD

SCHLAGWERK MB110 MOVE BOX - THE WALK CAJON: naziv govori sve, konačno postoji cajon koji svojim sviračima omogućuje neograničenu slobodu!. Move Box se..

39.342 RSD

Zvuk: TemenKarakter: Crash cymbal with fast response and short decaySustain: KratkoDiameter: 14" K Custom Dark Hi-Hats, 16" K Custom Dark Crash, 18" K..

156.579 RSD

EVANS RF12G RF 1-Sided  Standard 12" Practice pad

EVANS RF12GM je jednostrani practice pad, promjera 12". Evans RealFeel serija guma za vježbanje (practice padova) jedna je od najpopularnijih opcija,..

5.922 RSD

Težina: Srednje tanakTežina dugmeta: SrednjiFiniš: BriljantanMaterijal: B8Chick Sound: Definiran i prilično jakaDiameter: 14"Specifikacije: Perfectly ..

37.237 RSD

EVANS B14G2 Coated 14" Snare Drum Head

EVANS B14G2 je 2-slojna coated opna za snare, promjera 14". Dvoslojna opna bubnja (2 x 7 mm) odlikuje se izvanrednom postojanošću i izdržljivošću, a ..

3.355 RSD


YUKA DJPC014-26 je 14" djembe (35,5 cm) u promjeru, sa 26" (66 cm) visine, ali unatoč svojoj impresivnoj veličini, ovaj djembe je vrlo lagan. Savršeno..

23.180 RSD


SCHLAGWERK Rudiments serija, uz nenadmašan omjer cijene i kvalitete u asortimanu cajona, jednostavno oduševljava plemenitom furniranom premium površin..

19.342 RSD

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