Hardware za bubnjeve

Zahvaljujući OSS DPT5500B stalku za udaraljke, Vaše udaraljke i dodaci mogu biti uvijek na dohvat ruke i spremni za rad. Podesiva visina i kut nagiba ..

11.750 RSD

TAMA HT430B Drum Trone

Boja: CrnaDiameter: Seat: Round, Ø 35.5 cmSpecifikacije: "1st Chair" SeriesSpecifications II: Turning spindleSpecifications III: Double-braced tripod ..

21.019 RSD

TAMA HS800W Snare Stand

Item No.: 00011325..

15.624 RSD


Diameter: Tubing Diameter 25 mmSpecifikacije: Securely stores and provides convenient access to five snare drumsSpecifications II: Vertical drum orien..

22.375 RSD

Artikal: HT1314CHThe Meinl Headliner Series Timbales come in 13" and 14" sizes, are made from chrome plated steel and come with a heavy duty, height a..

12.526 RSD

SONOR R12 MC Basic Rack Arm Cymbal Holder

Boja opreme: HromMaterijal: ČelikDužina: 485 mmSONOR BR12, stand  for to the drum rack, for cymbal.Item No.: 7500655..

8.250 RSD

SCHLAGWERK CAP200 pedala za cajon nije samo ažurirana verzija dobro poznatog originalnog dizajna, već potpuno nova pedala! Zahvaljujući kabelskom diza..

32.376 RSD

TAMA HP30 Bass Drum Pedal

Specifikacije: Stagemaster seriesSpecifications II: Very robust entry-level modelSpecifications III: Single chainKarakteristike: Adjustable spring ten..

7.482 RSD


The 14" 16-strand Slingerland Radio King PureSound Vintage wires are designed specifically to accommodate the unique snare mounting system. Both end p..

5.819 RSD

TAMA HT530 Drum Stool

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: From the 1st Chair seriesSpecifications II: Wide seat surface in saddle styleSpecifications III: Seat surface: Durable PVCKar..

28.737 RSD


Item No.: 77000200..

5.626 RSD

TAMA HT230 Drum Trone

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: "1st Chair" SeriesSpecifications II: Round seat surfaceSpecifications III: Turning spindleKarakteristike: 3-Leg, double-brace..

12.944 RSD

SONOR BA19-BR BASIC ARM Cymbal Stacker

Boja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Aluminum CastSpecifications II: Depending on the combination of the Basic Arm components, a guide ring must be removed..

4.875 RSD

SONOR Bost Bongo Chrome Stalak za perkusije

Sonor Bongo stalak vrhunski je i robusni stalak za bongo. Sonor bongo stalak čvrst je komad opreme koji pruža vrhunsku potporu. Stalak je predstavljen..

10.100 RSD

TAMA HC82W Cymbal Stand

Specifikacije: 28.6mm Diameter Base Section TubingSpecifications II: Quick-Set TilterSpecifications III: Quick-Set Cymbal MateKarakteristike: Gride-Ti..

7.900 RSD


Specifikacije: For attaching the hi-hat to the bass drum hoopSpecifications II: Suitable for double bass setupsSpecifications III: Adjustable angles a..

6.124 RSD

VIC FIRTH VKB1 Bass Pedal Beater

Fokusiran isključivo na kvalitetu zvuka, a ne na mehaničko kretanje, VIC FIRTH VKB1 batić za bas pedalu daje Vašem bas bubnju puni, duboki zvuk s puno..

4.250 RSD

MEINL TMSTCP-2 Cajon Pedal

Specifikacije: Material: SteelPribor: Includes: Drum KeyThe MEINL Direct Drive Heel Activated Cajon Pedal will attach firmly to any common sized cajon..

16.125 RSD

MEINL TMSTCP Direct Drive Cajon Pedal

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Adjustable spring tensionsSpecifications II: Material: SteelSpecifications III: Natural foot position for ease of useThe MEIN..

15.625 RSD

TAMA HP50 Bass Drum Pedal

Specifikacije: Round felt beaterSpecifications II: Height-adjustable column for exact alignment of the drumstick to the center of headSpecifications I..

14.131 RSD

MEINL TMCH CHIME Stalak za perkusije

Double Braced: DaType: StraightBoja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Full angle and height adjustabilitySpecifications II: Secure angle clampsSpecifications..

10.751 RSD

MEINL PMC-6 Multiclamp

The MEINL Mounting Bar can easily be attached to any stand. It’s ideal for expanding your percussion or drum set up.Item No.: PMC6..

10.500 RSD

TAMA HT130 Drum Trone

Boja: CrnaDiameter: Ø 33 cmSpecifikacije: Double-braced leg baseVisina: Height of seat surface: 90 mm, Adjustable height from 43.5 - 63.0 cmTežina: 4...

9.737 RSD

Color: ChromeBoja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: More flexibility through additional longitudinal adjustmentSpecifications II: With two straight support r..

8.125 RSD

DW SM788 Dogbone Mini Cymbal Holder

Boja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: 12" overall with Double 1/2" Quick-Release Clamps.Pro drummers rely on the model SM798 DogBone Arm Adapter from DW to ..

5.999 RSD

DW SM2030 Counterweight Cymbal Holder

Boja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: For balancing a cymbal armCan be added to the back of almost any stand to extend boom length and help create perfect b..

5.188 RSD

VIC FIRTH VKB2 Bass Pedal Beater

VIC FIRTH VKB2 je drveni batić za bas pedalu fokusiran isključivo na kvalitetu zvuka, a ne na mehaničko kretanje. Ako želite da Vaš bas bubanj ima ozb..

3.443 RSD


Boja opreme: HromSONOR DK-5072 Slotted Drum KeyItem No.: 19007301..

665 RSD

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