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Specifikacije: Compatible products: Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist212, Blues Cube Tour, CUBE-80GX, CUBE-40GX,Specifications II: Switch instantly..

99,00€ 104,21€

Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender BASSBREAKER 7w

Item No.: 226-1006-000..

341,76€ 359,75€

Boja: CrnaKarakteristike: Angle Adj. 95° - 110°Dužina: Support Arm Lengths 18.59 cmŠirina: Yoke Width 27.94 cmVisina: Height Adj. 20.32 cm - 25.4 cm (..

23,00€ 24,21€

Kontrole: ground lift , phaseSpecifikacije: Split type1 in 2Specifications II: Input connectors6.3 mm jackŠirina: 125 mmVisina: 45 mmDubina: 80 mmTeži..

99,01€ 104,22€

Kontrole: input levelSpecifikacije: Output impedance10 k Ohm(s)Specifications II: Input impedance1 M Ohm(s)Širina: 125 mmVisina: 45 mmDubina: 80 mmTež..

83,60€ 88,00€

Tube Single Fender Groove Tubes GT-12AX7-C Select

Specifikacije: standard equipment on Fender ampsItem No.: 555-0112-398..

26,60€ 28,00€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: Boom Arm Tubing 16 mmDužina: Amp Support Arms Length  18.59 cmVisina: Height Adj. 20.32 cm-25.4 cm(support arm height above floor)..

39,00€ 41,05€

Footswitch Fender 2-BTN

Karakteristike: 2-Button Programmable Footswitch: Preset Up Down, Quick Access, Effects On/Off, or Tap Tempo, with 1/4" JackItem No.: 008-0997-000..

53,20€ 56,00€

Tube Single Fender Groove Tubes GT-12AT7 Select

Item No.: 555-0112-400..

22,71€ 23,90€

Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender GT EL84-S MED

Groove Tube (555-0113-583) EL84 Quartet with higher power and warmer tone. Most common low-power pentode, popularized in early Vox AC30 amps. Rediscov..

81,66€ 85,96€

Gitarsko Pojačalo Boss FS6 DUAL FOOTSWITCH

Specifikacije: 2 Foot switches in one bodySpecifications II: Polarity and function (switch or button mode) switchableSpecifications III: 1 Mono jack s..

67,99€ 71,57€

Hardware: HromiraniSpecifikacije: Small Amplifier/Amp Tilt Back Legs - ChromeItem No.: 099-0713-000..

61,75€ 65,00€

Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender AMPLIFIER JEWEL RED

Boja: CrvenaItem No.: 099-0952..


Tube Duet Fender Grove Tubes GT-6V6-C Medium

Specifikacije: 6V6 low-output power tubeItem No.: 555-0113-527..

49,40€ 52,00€

Line Switcher Nux PLS-4 4-channel Line Switcher Nux PLS-4 4-channel

Dužina: 121Širina: 84Visina: 55Težina: 350Item No.: PLS4..

29,91€ 46,01€

Amp Cover Fender '65 DELUXE REVERB

9iItem No.: 004-7483-000..

40,38€ 42,50€

Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender CONTROL 100KB CONC TOCOS

Fender 005 3736 100kb"Stacked with Tone Control Deluxe Series BassesSpecifications: 100kbItem No.: 005-3736..


Footswitch Boss FS-5U MOMENTARY

The Boss FS-5U nonlatching footswitch is designed to meet any need for a footswitch that engages the effect only for the time your foot is on it, like..

36,10€ 38,00€

Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender TUBE TUBE GT-6V6-C MEDIUM

Specifikacije: With all the strides in transistor amp technology, guitarists still prefer tube amps. Why do tube amp designs sound and feel differentl..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Applications: Stage/studio amplifiers and monitors.Karakteristike: Misc: Upper/Lower Arm Length: 30.5 cmVisina: Height Adjust..

29,36€ 30,90€

Boja: CrnaDužina: 48.26 cm Boom LengthŠirina: 66.04 cm Base SpreadVisina: 43.18cm - 68.58 cmItem No.: MS7411B..

26,51€ 27,90€


Dužina: 20.32 cmDubina: 0.64 cmTežina: 40 gItem No.: 099-0945..

19,86€ 20,90€

Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender PIGGYBACK BUSHINGS

Genuine Fender Pure Vintage Speaker Cabinet Piggyback Bushings, Used on Tone Master® 212, Super-Sonic™ 212 and Super-Sonic 60 speaker enclosures. Hard..



Boja: BraonItem No.: 099-0946..


Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender GT 100

Keep your Mustang GT Amplifier protected with the 771-1780-000 fitted cover. Super tough and made from highly durable material to withstand the rigors..


Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender BRACKET CONTROL MTG 62 JAGUAR

FENDER '62 JAGUAR CONTROL MOUNTING BRACKET - PN 005-4503-000 MADE IN USAHardware Finish: ChromeItem No.: 005-4503-000..


Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender AMP KNOBS BLK POINTER STYLE

Fender, Black replacement amplifier knob with white pointer. Set of 6 knobs.Weight: 13.6 gItem No.: 099-0932..


Gitarsko Pojačalo Fender CHASSIS STRAPS MEDIUM

Specifikacije: 65 Deluxe, Super, 63 Vibroverb, VibroluxItem No.: 099-0911..


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