Metlice i Rake

Metlice Vic Firth RMP RE·MIX

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 1.27 cmDužina: 35,87 cm Item No.: RMP..

88,78€ 93,45€

Boja: NaturalDrvo: BrezaDiameter: 10,8 mmSpecifikacije: All Promark drumsticks are designed and manufactured in the USADužina: 406,5 mmItem No.: C-ROD..

23,89€ 25,15€

The Rute 202 is perfect for the player who wants to really dig in while still retaining the classic Rute sound. Seven dowels (.188") surround a thicke..

27,00€ 28,42€

Metlice Vic Firth WB

Boja: BelaDiameter: 1.46 cmSpecifikacije: Essential for subtle jazz flavoringsSpecifications II: Material: PlasticItem No.: WB..

30,31€ 31,90€

Boja: NaturalDrvo: BrezaDiameter: 14 mmSpecifikacije: Tip Shape: ButtSpecifications II: Finish: NaturalDužina: 410 mm Item No.: H-RODS..

23,66€ 24,90€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 12,55 mmSpecifikacije: All Pro-Mark drumsticks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USASpecifications II: Brush mater..

36,99€ 38,94€

Metlice Vic Firth TW4 TALA WAND

Boja: NaturalDrvo: BambusDiameter: 1.48 cmDužina: 40.96 cm Item No.: TW4..

36,00€ 37,89€

Metlice Vic Firth RM1 RE·MIX

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 1,27 cmSpecifikacije: Retractable NoDužina: 36.195 cmItem No.: RM1..

42,91€ 45,17€

Metlice Vic Firth RM2 RE·MIX

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Good balance of softness and attackSpecifications II: Delicate, dynamic responseDužina: 35.9 cmItem No.: RM2..

42,91€ 45,17€

Metlice Vic Firth RM3 RE·MIX

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Comfortable flat handlesDužina: 35,88 cmItem No.: RM3..

42,91€ 45,17€

Metlice Vic Firth RM4 RE·MIX

Boja: NaturalMaterijal: BrezaSpecifikacije: Comfortable flat handlesDužina: 35.8 cmItem No.: RM4..

42,91€ 45,17€

Metlice Vic Firth LB LEGACY

Boja: NaturalSpecifikacije: Brush"s Material MetalSpecifications II: Wood Grip YesSpecifications III: Retractable YesItem No.: LB..

42,00€ 44,21€

Item No.: L-RODS..

23,66€ 24,90€

Metlice Žičane Vic Firth SGWB STEVE GADD

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 13,5 mmSpecifikacije: Smooth Rubber HandlesSpecifications II: Retractable with Pull Rod Item No.: 5020..

31,35€ 33,00€


Boja: NaturalDiameter: 15.5 mmSpecifikacije: Rod material: NylonSpecifications II: Handle: HickorySpecifications III: Rubber rings to change the sound..

26,00€ 27,37€

Rake Vic Firth BRR

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Also suitable for congas and bongosItem No.: BRR..

30,88€ 32,50€

The Rute 303 is designed for playing with a light touch while retaining the classic Rute sound. Great for medium and small group playing. With seven d..

30,00€ 31,58€

Metlice Meinl SB307

Boja: NaturalDiameter: 24,3 mmSpecifikacije: Adjustable FlexDužina: 363 mmItem No.: SB307..

28,99€ 30,52€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 12,5mmSpecifikacije: Brush"s Material MetalSpecifications II: With rubber gripSpecifications III: ExtendableDužina: 312,7 mm (brus..

36,00€ 37,89€

The Rute 606 is for the Rute player who prefers a rubber handle and fixed position band. Designed for all-around playing. With 19 dowels (.125").Produ..

28,41€ 29,90€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 14.5 mmSpecifikacije: Brush"s Material MetalSpecifications II: Rubber gripDužina: 343 mmTežina: 58 g (per piece) Item No.: SB30..

34,00€ 35,79€

Mallets Pro-Mark PMJ

Boja: NaturalSpecifikacije: Ideal for jazz, big bandSpecifications II: Hardness: 3Specifications III: Manufactured in USADužina: 292,1 mmItem No.: PMJ..

61,75€ 65,00€

Rake Vic Firth BJR

Boja: CrvenaSpecifikacije: Bristle Spread - 4"Item No.: BJR..

30,88€ 32,50€

Mallets Mike Balter BB4

Boja: ŽutaDrvo: BrezaDiameter: 34.9 mm (head)Specifikacije: Suitable for Vibraphone/MarimbaSpecifications II: Mallet head material YarnSpecifications ..

59,17€ 62,28€

Materijal: BrezaDiameter: 16 mmDužina: 413 mm Item No.: SB200..

23,28€ 24,50€

Bubnjarske Palice Vic Firth 5A BARREL

Drvo: HickoryDiameter: 1.44cmDužina: 40.64cmItem No.: 39016..



Boja: NaturalSpecifikacije: Handle Material: RattanSpecifications II: Ideal for jazz, big bandDužina: 384,1 mmItem No.: PLH..

53,20€ 56,00€

Metlice Pro-Mark TB5

Item No.: TB5..

35,06€ 36,90€

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