Futrole i koferi za bubnjeve

Drum Bag Set for MAPEX Voyager Jazz 5044 Specially. 600 Denier nylon cover 5 pieces drum bag packSoft gig bags embroidered with the Mapex logo.Featur..

115,00€ 121,05€

Torba za bubnjeve MAPEX PMK-M113 HARDWARE BAG/ BLK

Mapex PMKM113 Rolling Hardware Bag Durable fabric Mapex rolling hardware bag with side compartments. Holds up to six pieces of hardware including stan..

109,00€ 114,74€

Kofer za cimbalo MEINL MCC22 Kofer za cimbalo MEINL MCC22

Based on the standard Meinl Cymbal Case with stable wheels and a retractable handle for comfortable transportation. Sturdy, extra-duty construction fo..

131,37€ 164,21€

Torba za bubanj MAPEX DB-T264204A DRUM BAG FOR MODEL 628I/ BLK

Mapex bags model 628.  BAG SIZE: 22"X18" 10"X08" 12"X09" 14"X14" 16"X16" 14"X5.5"Item No.: 7800500..

109,99€ 115,78€

Mapex hardware drum bags Hybrid 5295. 10T 12T 16FT 22B 14S Item No.: 7800418..

92,00€ 96,84€

Torba za palice VIC FIRTH SBAG3

Boja: SivaSpecifikacije: Stylish, rugged waxed canvas shell protects your gear in towSpecifications II: Reverse-track zippers keep rain, snow, and moi..

119,70€ 126,00€

Torba za cimbalo MEINL MDLXDJB-M

Boja: CrnaDiameter: Djembes Up to 12"Specifikacije: Synthetic furSpecifications II: External pocketSpecifications III: Carrying gripKarakteristike: He..

86,00€ 90,53€

Cleverly designed to hold 4-5 implements. A hook-and-strap system allows for secure suspension from the floor tom or snare. An internal pocket and ela..

21,38€ 22,50€

Item No.: VICPACK..

125,31€ 131,90€

Torba za bubnjeve GEWA DRUM SET BAG 2 PREMIUM

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Tear-and waterproofSpecifications II: all carrying parts reinforcedSpecifications III: 20 mm foam paddingKarakteristike: 22x1..

219,45€ 231,00€

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Holds up to 8 cymbalsDužina: 71.12 cmŠirina: 63.5 cmDubina: 11.43 cmItem No.: 123939..

69,00€ 72,63€

Boja: BraonSpecifikacije: Made from weatherproof ballistic nylon and synthetic LeatherSpecifications II: Magnetic secured Leather carrying handlesDuži..

49,00€ 51,58€


Sturdy, easy-care rubberized exterior, soft padded interior protects snare drum, heave duty zipper, padded handle and shoulder strap. Holds up to 14x5..

65,00€ 68,42€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: Up to 12" CongasSpecifikacije: Additional upright zipperSpecifications II: External pocketSpecifications III: Carrying gripKarakte..

96,00€ 101,05€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 59.05 cm/23.25"Specifikacije: Holds cymbals up to 22" in diameterSpecifications II: Constructed of heavy 500D NylonSpecifications ..

43,61€ 45,90€

Kofer za cimbalo MEINL MCC22 Kofer za cimbalo MEINL MCC22

Sturdy, extra-duty construction for carrying a maximum of 9 cymbals up to 22" in diameter. The center bolt goes through the lid for added durability a..

119,20€ 149,00€

Three inside pockets hold 12 pairs of sticks with an outside pocket for small accessories. In durable‚ water resistant nylon. Perfect for students. P..

27,46€ 28,90€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 59.05 cmSpecifikacije: Holds 4 cymbals up to 22" in diameterSpecifications II: Backpack straps and sturdy handle provide convenien..

33,00€ 34,74€


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Made from durable cordura-type materialSpecifications II: Four different sized pockets for sticks, mallets, and beatersSpecif..

64,60€ 68,00€

Torba za bubanj MAPEX EBB22180MP DRUM BAG 22X18/ BLK

Item No.: 7800501..

37,05€ 39,00€

Torba za bubanj MAPEX EBF161600MP DRUM BAG 14X12/ BLK

Item No.: 780415..

27,55€ 29,00€

Meinl MBB Bongo Gig Bag - with heavy-duty zipper, suitable for all bongo sizesProduct: MBB Heavy duty padded nylon Additional room for accessori..

50,26€ 52,90€

Torba za djembe YUKA BDJ8-16/ C

Colored djembe's bag Size: M Fits 20 - 40 cm djembe 5 mm padding Item No.: 5128..

16,10€ 23,00€

Diameter: Up to 11" CongasSpecifikacije: Additional upright zipperSpecifications II: External pocketSpecifications III: Carrying gripPribor: Padded ba..

85,00€ 89,47€

Torba za djembe MEINL MTB

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 14" and 15"Specifikacije: External pocket for stand and cowbellSpecifications II: Padded shoulder strapSpecifications III: Carryin..

67,37€ 84,21€

Torba za bubanj MAPEX EBT121000MP DRUM BAG 12X10/ BLK

Item No.: 780412..


Torba za doboš FLIGHT BAGS CTB-65 SNARE BAG 10 mm/ BLK Torba za doboš FLIGHT BAGS CTB-65 SNARE BAG 10 mm/ BLK

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: 14" x 8"Specifications II: waterproofSpecifications III: shoulder strapsItem No.: 7700061..

17,52€ 21,90€


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: External pocketSpecifications II: Carrying gripSpecifications III: fits up to 12" djembesPribor: Padded backpack strapsItem N..

61,75€ 65,00€

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