Konge Meinl WC1212ZFA-M CONGA WOODCRAFT 12 1/2˝ NAT

Boja: NaturalFiniš: SjajniDrvo: JasenTip: TumbaStil: Karipski stilŠtimovanje: Štimovanje ključemDiameter: 12,5"Specifikacije: True Skin Buffalo HeadsS..

659,00€ 693,68€

Chimes - These are metal pipes of different lengths from which the instrument is made. Features: Size - 36 chimes, 1 line Material - Aluminum also..

74,11€ 78,01€

Boja: NaturalDiameter: 10 "(25cm)Specifikacije: Shape: RoundSpecifications II: 16 pairs of bellsSpecifications III: Composition: wood, metal, leatherK..


Flight FCJB20-485 Cajon Bag   Cajon bag padded 20mm 2 back straps to wear Side reflectors Color: BlackItem No.: 20485..

19,50€ 20,53€

Daire Flight FTHP-20 Half Moon

Specifikacije: 20 JinglesSpecifications II: Half-Moon ShapeSpecifications III: Material: PlasticKarakteristike: Ergonomic handleFeatures II: Maintenan..

7,60€ 9,50€

Toking Bubanj Meinl BT1415 ARTIST PROFESIONAL TIMBALE  14˝  15˝ SET

Stil: Karipski stilŠtimovanje: Štimovanje ključemDiameter: 14″ X 15″Specifikacije: Two worked in flangesSpecifications II: Cuban style flared out bott..

707,75€ 745,00€

Maracas are musical instrument of Cuban origin. They are used in various styles of Latin American dance music, such as salsa, cha-cha-cha, merengue, s..


Boja: NaturalDrvo: BrezaSpecifikacije: Eight pre-tuned custom micro-coiled steel cajon stringsSpecifications II: Palo Santo playing surface with sensi..

474,05€ 499,00€

Boja: CrnaColor: natural front plateDrvo: JasenTip: KahonMaterijal: JasenSpecifikacije: Adjustable top cornersSpecifications II: Adjustable sizzle eff..

117,90€ 124,10€

Kahon Meinl SC80AB Snarecraft

Boja: NaturalDrvo: BrezaSpecifikacije: Dual internal fixed snare wiresSpecifications II: Rounded corners for added comfortSpecifications III: Rubber f..

89,00€ 93,68€

Konge Meinl HC555NT Headliner Set

Boja: NaturalFiniš: SjajniDrvo: OakBoja opreme: CrnaTip: Konga setStil: Karipski stilŠtimovanje: Štimovanje ključemSpecifikacije: 2 mm rounded rimsSpe..

409,00€ 430,53€

Size: 20 cm Silver aluminium Pair Item No.: 7500518..

99,00€ 104,21€

Djembe Meinl FADJ2-L

Color: Kenyan QuiltTip: Fiberglass ĐembeStil: Afrički stilŠtimovanje: Štimovanje kanapomDiameter: 12"Specifikacije: Ultra-lightweight makes them easy ..

131,00€ 137,89€

Djembe Meinl HDJ3-M Black River Headliner Rope Tuned

These Djembes are made from a solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany wood, and are hand carved with a horizontal ripple motif that suggests a flowin..

95,00€ 100,00€

Boja: NaturalDiameter: 10' (25cм)Specifikacije: tambourine with 6 pairs of bellsSpecifications II: wood, metal, leatherItem No.: FT10-6..



Boja: CrnaFiniš: MatDrvo: MahagoniTip: Drveno đembeStil: Afrički stilŠtimovanje: Štimovanje kanapomDiameter: 12"Specifikacije: Hand painted shells com..

155,79€ 194,74€

Daire Flight FTH10-8 Headless Daire Flight FTH10-8 Headless

Boja: NaturalDiameter: 10 '(25cm)Specifikacije: Shape: circleSpecifications II: 8 jinglesSpecifications III: Composition: wood, metalKarakteristike: w..

6,40€ 8,00€

Djembe Meinl FADJ2-L-G Kenyan Quilt Travel Goat Skin Head

Color: Kenyan QuiltOpne: Hand Selected Goat HeadTip: Fiberglass ĐembeStil: Afrički stilŠtimovanje: Štimovanje kanapomDiameter: 12"Specifikacije: Ultra..

116,00€ 122,11€

Triangl Flight FTR-7 17,8cm

Triangel - originates from the East and has been popular in Europe for over two hundred years and, among other instruments, has been used in the Symph..



Boja: NaturalDrvo: BrezaTip: KahonStil: Etno stilSpecifikacije: Dual internal fixed snare wiresSpecifications II: Baltic birch constructionSpecificati..

109,00€ 114,74€

Boja: NaturalSpecifikacije: Material: Makah-Burl, Baltic Birch (Betula-Pendula)Specifications II: Custom micro-coiled steel cajon stringsSpecification..

158,99€ 167,36€

Diameter: 29 cmVisina: 58,5 cmItem No.: TD6-12..

78,00€ 82,11€

Bell Kit With Stand And Case On Stage BSK2500 Bell Kit With Stand And Case On Stage BSK2500

Specifikacije: 32 Note - 2 1/2 Octave Bells - (F5-C8) - unmarkedSpecifications II: Easy Set-Up stand with threaded knob assemblySpecifications III: No..

121,58€ 162,11€

Steel Tongue Drum Meinl STD1BK Sonic Energy A Minor

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Coated SteelSpecifications II: Tuned to the key of A MinorSpecifications III: Rich, full-soundKarakteristike: Tuning: E4, D5,..

299,00€ 314,74€

Boja: NaturalDrvo: BrezaTip: KahonStil: Etno stilSpecifikacije: 8 pre-tuned internal metal strings for a sensitive snare effectSpecifications II: Whit..

149,00€ 156,84€

Doumbek Meinl HE-3000 Aluminium Black Vinyl

Boja: CrnaTip: Egipatska TarabukaStil: Etno stilŠtimovanje: Štimovanje ključemDiameter: 8 1/2"   21,50cmSpecifikacije: Aluminum bodySpecifications II:..

99,00€ 104,21€

Boja: Vintage SunburstDiameter: 8 Inch & 6.75 InchSpecifikacije: Hand selected buffalo headsSpecifications II: Black powder coated hardwareSpecificati..

98,00€ 103,16€

Kahon Meinl Artisan Buleria Mongoy

Boja: NaturalSpecifikacije: Material: Mongoy Baltic Birch (Betula-Pendula)Specifications II: Rounded corners and thumb notches for optimal playing com..

263,05€ 309,47€

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