Boja: CrnaFiniš: MatMaterijal: Aluminijum, plastikaSpecifications II: Plate Width: 50 cmSpecifications III: Plate Height: 34 cmŠirina: Legs: 60 cmVisi..


Boja: CrnaFiniš: MatMaterijal: Aluminijum, plastikaSpecifications II: Plate Width: 46 cmSpecifications III: Plate Height: 39 cmŠirina: Legs: 55 cmVisi..


Boja: CrnaFiniš: MatPribor: Microphone clip includedŠirina: Legs: 65 cmVisina: 120-190 cmTežina: 2.26kg Item No.: MS004..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Dimensions: Folded: 990 x 90 x 85mmSpecifications II: Dimensions: Boom: 90cmSpecifications III: Dimensions: Min height: 95cmK..


Specifikacije: Construction: Steel with EVA on Platform and Rubber FeetSpecifications II: Sold in pairs for use with a standard set of two speakersSpe..


ON STAGE LS7805QIK Lagani stalak ON STAGE LS7805QIK Lagani stalak

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Crank system supplies leverage for safely raising and lowering lightingSpecifications II: Crank can be operated manually or w..

126,65€ 149,00€

ON STAGE MS9411TB+ Kick Drum/Amp Microphone Boom Stand

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Heavy-duty stand ideal for miking bass drums and guitar amplifiersSpecifications II: Extra-thick steel shaftsSpecifications I..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Heavy-duty, lightweight leg housing for dependable performance and ease of transportationSpecifications II: Nonslip rubber fe..


ON STAGE LS-MS7620 Lighting/Mic Mikrofonski stalak

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Multi-purpose lighting/microphone stand with height adjustment up to 13' tallSpecifications II: 4 section air-cushioned shaft..


ON STAGE SS7747 Crank-Up Subwoofer Shaft ON STAGE SS7747 Crank-Up Subwoofer Shaft

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 1 3/8"Specifikacije: Subwoofer Shaft with height crankSpecifications II: Construction SteelSpecifications III: Fits 1 3/8" speaker..

51,92€ 64,90€

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Material: NylonSpecifications II: Holds 6 tripod mic stands with boomsDužina: 99.06 cmŠirina: 24.13 cmDubina: 12.7 cmItem No...


IK MULTIMEDIA iKLIP A/V Smartphone Holder

Diameter: Fits any mic stand or pole with a diameter of up to 1.2" (30mm)Specifikacije: Universal microphone stand mount for tablets and iPadSpecifica..

156,58€ 184,21€

ON STAGE BS4080 Mini Bluetooth Aktivni zvučnik ON STAGE BS4080 Mini Bluetooth Aktivni zvučnik

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to fill a room with music via Bluetooth technology. The Mini Bluetooth Speaker provi..

23,40€ 36,00€

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: High density EVA handle grips for added comfortSpecifications II: Non-slip wheelsSpecifications III: Efficient transportation..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Application: 16 Par Lighting Stand with TrussSpecifications II: Two stands with wide bases and nonslip feet provide exception..


Specifikacije: Adjustable black microphone armSpecifications II: Easy to clamp on the tableSpecifications III: Built-in balanced XLR cableTežina: 0.95..


FENDER PASSPORT Wall Mount Speaker Bracket

Boja: CrnaItem No.: 069-9006..

46,50€ 93,00€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: Tubing (Upper):12.3mm, Tubing (Lower): 16.7mmSpecifikacije: Classic design folds for easy storage and portabilitySpecifications II..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Sheet music attachment for mic standSpecifications II: Clamp: Accepts tubing to 3/4"Specifications III: Material: SteelDužina..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: This lightweight stand features a reversible shaft design and can be used with 1 3/8" or 1 1/2"Specifications II: Aluminum sh..


Boja: CrnaFiniš: MatMaterijal: Aluminijum, plastikaŠirina: Legs: 67 cmVisina: 104-160 cmTežina: 2.83kg Item No.: SPS005..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Holds up to 2 standsSpecifications II: Construction Heavy-duty padded nylonSpecifications III: Carry all of your gear with co..


Boja: CrnaKontrole: High/Low/OffSpecifikacije: Adjustable gooseneck allows optimal positioningSpecifications II: LED Qty: 10Specifications III: LED Co..


Boja: CrnaKarakteristike: Max. load 10 kgFeatures II: adjustable on all axes , including safety wire (length 20cm)Features III: Material Die-cast alum..


ON STAGE SS7323B Wall Mount Speaker Bracket

Specifikacije: Application: Small to medium speaker cabinet wall mountSpecifications II: Tilt Angle Adj.: 90 degrees - 45 degreesSpecifications III: L..


Specifikacije: Lightweight versionSpecifications II: T-bar with 4 hanging pointsSpecifications III: Ideal for PAR cansKarakteristike: Dimensions:Folde..


ON STAGE LS7720BLT Lagani stalak

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: 8 Par Lighting StandSpecifications II: Construction AluminumSpecifications III: 1 T-bar and 2 side bars holds 8 par cans and ..

64,00€ 80,00€

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Folding tripod base for convenient storage and travelSpecifications II: Tension locking knob adjusts the angle of the bookpla..


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