Oprema za limene duvačke instrumente

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Base Radius: 280 mmSpecifications II: Load Capacity: 5 kgSpecifications III: Folded Size: 126 mm x 121 mm x 547 mmKarakterist..

50,35€ 53,00€

Boja: CrnaMaterijal: ČelikSpecifikacije: Ring Diameters: 74 mm (2.92") x 1 63 mm (2.48") x 2 47.5 mm (1.87") x 1Specifications II: Load Capacity: 5 kg..

22,80€ 24,00€

Mast Za Plutu Rico CORK GREASE

Rico Cork Grease keeps your corks from drying out on woodwind instruments. Excellent for students and professional and a great tool for music educator..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Base Radius: 390 mmSpecifications II: Load Capacity: 30 kgSpecifications III: Folded Size: 850 mm x 260 mm x 233 mmVisina: 11..

71,24€ 74,99€

Ulje Za Ventile Yamaha OIL VINTAGE

Specifikacije: State-of-the-Art Valve OilSpecifications II: Completely synthetic oil for Perinet valvesSpecifications III: 60 mlKarakteristike: Vintag..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Load Capacity: 15 kgSpecifications II: Folded Size: 138 mm x 96 mm x 338 mmSpecifications III: Base Radius: 260 mmPribor: Car..

26,60€ 28,00€

Contains: HE76 Flex Brush, HE186 Spitballs, HE96 Polish Cloth, HE84 Mouthpiece Brush, HE449 Pure Formula Slide Oil, HERCO® I.D. Tag, HERCO® Complete C..

19,86€ 20,90€

Trombone Maintenance Kit Gewa Slide O Mix

Specifikacije: Specially formulated slide cream designed to keep your instrument operating smoothlyItem No.: 9008..


Metalna Prigušnica Yamaha SB-7X

Kontrole: VOL. (volume), Reverb type, Power ON/OFFDiameter: 82 x 139mm (3-1/4" x 5-1/2")Specifikacije: Electric condenser microphone,Specifications II..

188,99€ 198,94€

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Base radius: 170 mmSpecifications II: Folded size: 180 mm x 70 mm x 70 mmSpecifications III: Load capacity: 5 kgVisina: 175 m..


Boja: CrnaDiameter: 33.02 cm Base SpreadSpecifikacije: Spring-loaded bell support with black velveteen rubber on all contact surfaces so that your ins..



Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: SPS®-systemSpecifications II: wide shoulder strapSpecifications III: without rucksack assemblyKarakteristike: also suitable f..

111,75€ 149,00€

Ulje Za Ventile Yamaha VALVE OIL SUPER LIGHT

Specifikacije: Super light viscosity formula is extra-thin for extremely tight pistons or use in repair shops.Specifications II: 60ml dropper-top bott..


Usnik Za Trombon Denis Wick 5880-0AL

Specifikacije: Cupp: Ø 27.42 mmSpecifications II: Large shankSpecifications III: Extra large for professional musiciansKarakteristike: Silver-platedIt..

65,55€ 69,00€

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Load Capacity: 10 kgSpecifications II: Folded Size: 100 mm x 82 mm x 285 mmSpecifications III: Yoke Length: 60 mmPribor: Carr..

23,66€ 24,90€

Krpa Za Poliranje Yamaha POLISHING CLOTH S

Boja: ŽutaSpecifikacije: Untreated Polish ClothItem No.: 31813..


Ulje Za Ventile La Tromba T2 SPECIAL

T2 Special is an oil for all valve instruments. It keeps valves friction free and SUPER FAST! It works extra clean with No build-up! Plus, it is the l..


Herco's Silver Polishing Cloth. Chemically-treated, double-nap flannel cloth used for cleaning and polishing all silver and silver-plated musical inst..


Ulje Za Ventile La Tromba HEAVY

Specifikacije: For valves with larger clearanceSpecifications II: Slightly more viscousSpecifications III: Contents: 65 mlItem No.: 5943..


Kofer Za Trubu Gewa TRUMPET CASE

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: screw attached cover with music sheet pocket, water repellentSpecifications II: rucksack straps with quick stow systemKarakte..

109,25€ 115,00€

Specifikacije: Removes dirt other cleaners leave behindSpecifications II: Standard size for trumpets, cornets, French horns, and small bore trombonesS..


FLIGHT BWA-22, trumpet bag, for protection and carrying of the instrument. Protects against external influences that could affect the instrument such ..


Slide Cream Yamaha for Trombone 02

Specifikacije: The new formula contains no hydrocarbons so the lubricant will never dry out or become solid, preventing sticking of the slideSpecifica..


Ulje Za Ventile La Tromba MEDIUM

Specifikacije: For Perinet - (pump) valve trumpetsSpecifications II: Content: 65 mlItem No.: 2100115..



Item No.: 710066..

32,00€ 40,00€

Ulje Za Ventile Yamaha VALVE OIL REGULAR

Specifikacije: Regular viscosity formula is good for all around use in any piston valves.Specifications II: 60ml dropper-top bottle with a childproof ..


Usnik Za Trombon Denis Wick 5880E SM3M

Specifikacije: Cup diameter: 26.40 mmSpecifications II: Rim: 6.80 mm Bore: 7.38 mmSpecifications III: M-shaftKarakteristike: Silver-platedItem No.: 72..

65,55€ 69,00€

Prigušnica Za Trubu Denis Wick DW5531

- Adjustable Cup Mute for Trumpet or Cornet- material aluminium- Acclaimed worldwide for their sound quality, intonation in all dynamic ranges, plus s..

59,90€ 63,05€

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