Boja: NaturalDiameter: 10 "(25cm)Specifikacije: Shape: RoundSpecifications II: 16 pairs of bellsSpecifications III: Composition: wood, metal, leatherK..


Daire Flight FTHP-20 Half Moon

Specifikacije: 20 JinglesSpecifications II: Half-Moon ShapeSpecifications III: Material: PlasticKarakteristike: Ergonomic handleFeatures II: Maintenan..

7,60€ 9,50€

Boja: NaturalDiameter: 10' (25cм)Specifikacije: tambourine with 6 pairs of bellsSpecifications II: wood, metal, leatherItem No.: FT10-6..


Daire Flight FTH10-8 Headless Daire Flight FTH10-8 Headless

Boja: NaturalDiameter: 10 '(25cm)Specifikacije: Shape: circleSpecifications II: 8 jinglesSpecifications III: Composition: wood, metalKarakteristike: w..

6,40€ 8,00€

Specifikacije: 16 JinglesSpecifications II: Composition: plastic, metalSpecifications III: Ergonomic handleKarakteristike: wipe with a soft, dry cloth..


Boja: NaturalDiameter: 8 '(20cm)Specifikacije: Shape: circleSpecifications II: 12 pairs of jinglesSpecifications III: Composition: wood, metal, leathe..


Daire Meinl AE-MTA1BO

Boja: NaturalDrvo: JavorTip: Talking DrumStil: Etno stilSpecifikacije: Total unique tambourine soundsSpecifications II: Cymbal bronze jinglesSpecifica..

82,99€ 87,36€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 5"Specifikacije: Rubber padded surfaceSpecifications II: Solid Brass Item No.: THH1B-BK..

39,71€ 41,80€

Daire Meinl TAH1AB African Brown

Boja: BraonSpecifikacije: 10 InchSpecifications II: Wooden frame Item No.: 36450..

33,73€ 35,50€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 14"Specifikacije: Blackened brass ring made from MEINL Cymbal AlloySpecifications II: Eight pairs of solid brass jingles Item N..

46,55€ 49,00€

Daire Meinl CTA2WB

Boja: BraonDrvo: OrahDiameter: 8"Specifikacije: 2 rows of jinglesSpecifications II: Compact size Item No.: CTA2WB..

22,00€ 23,16€

Color: African BrownSpecifikacije: With brass jinglesSpecifications II: Single-row with 8 pairs of brass jinglesSpecifications III: Wooden frame It..

28,41€ 29,90€


Boja: NaturalDiameter: 10"Karakteristike: Dual-alloy jingles, 2 rows of jingles Item No.: TAH2MSNT..

56,53€ 59,50€

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Traditional castanet soundSpecifications II: Easily mountableSpecifications III: Pair of plastic castanetsKarakteristike: Mat..


Daire Meinl TMT1BK

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Jingle Material:  Nickel Plated SteelSpecifications II: Ergonomically designSpecifications III: "Sandwich" construction It..

27,00€ 28,42€

Boja: CrnaDiameter: 5 InchSpecifikacije: Number Of Jingles: 8Specifications II: Incl. Mount: Yes Item No.: HTHH1BK..


Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: 5 pairs of stainless steel jinglesSpecifications II: Fits on the most hihats Item No.: CRING..


Daire Meinl TMT1B-BK

The Meinl TMT1B-BK Hand Held ABS Brass Jingles Tambourines is a hand held instrument designed with your hand in mind. The brass jingles and the ABS pl..

45,60€ 48,00€

Daire Meinl TMT2M-WH Recording White

Boja: BelaSpecifikacije: Easily mountableSpecifications II: Jingle Material: Mixed Nickel Plated Steel/Solid BrassSpecifications III: Güiro style play..

45,61€ 48,01€

The Meinl TMT2R Mountable ABS Steel Jingles Tambourine is a mountable, durable, "sandwich" jingle construction tambourine. It has jingles that have ni..

36,10€ 38,00€

COWBELL 5 1/2"   The pitches of these cowbells form a diatonic scale which makes it easy to use multiple bell combinations in any musical setting. ..

30,88€ 32,50€

Rubber Padded Surface Mounts on Any Hi hat Stand Solid Grip Double Row Jingles Steel Jingles Size: 5" Product: HTHH2BKThe Headliner Hi-Hat Tambo..

21,76€ 22,90€

The Meinl TA1AB 1 Row Tambourine with Steel Jingles is a timeless instrument that every percussionist should own. It's built from a sturdy wooden base..


EEL TAMBOURINE The MEINL Heel Tambourine provides a hands free option for adding a little jingle to your grooves. Fitting in your shoe, just like a s..


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