Tip: AkustičniRaspon frekvencije: 15 Hz - 20 kHz, +/-3dBSpecifikacije: Microphone Type: MEMSSpecifications II: Polar Pattern: omnidirectionalSpecifica..

89,00€ 93,68€

Boja: CrnaTip: Akustični Item No.: 9831..


Klasična Gitara Paket Fishman M-100

A piezo-ceramic pickup element is embedded in an adjustable ebony replacement bridge for archtop style mandolins. Comes complete with a 1/4" external ..

137,70€ 153,00€

Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Fishman AGX-094 Classical / 12-Str. Narrow Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Fishman AGX-094 Classical / 12-Str. Narrow

Fishman's piezo crystal passive undersaddle guitar pickup Available in a variety of widths and string spacings for steel and nylon stringed guitars..

95,05€ 135,79€

Klasična Gitara Paket Fishman M-200 Klasična Gitara Paket Fishman M-200

The M-200 is identical to the M-100, but includes a Carpenter style 1/4" output jack that mounts on the side of the instrument. An impedance matching ..

184,42€ 230,53€

Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Lr Baggs IBAS ELEMENT ACTIVE BRAND

Specifikacije: Includes iBeam placement jigSpecifications II: Natural string-to-string balance and dynamicsSpecifications III: Fits most x-braced guit..

169,00€ 177,89€


Boja: BelaSpecifikacije: Set of three single-coil Stratocaster pickupsSpecifications II: Distinctive vintage-informed toneSpecifications III: Neck: al..

154,99€ 163,15€

Klasična Gitara Paket Fishman PRO-SBT-HAP

The Fishman SBT-HP is a harp and piano pickup which is equipped with a long lead wire and a 1/4" jack which can be mounted on a variety of instruments..

117,05€ 146,31€

Pickup Fishman PRO-SBT-END

The SBT Series pickups will reproduce a full, natural, transparent tone and can be mounted on any type of acoustic stringed instrument equipped with a..

90,10€ 112,63€


Specifications II: Resistance : 16.4K InductanceSpecifications III: Inductance : 8.5Karakteristike: Alnico 5 Resonance : 2,000 HertzItem No.: 099-2125..

95,95€ 101,00€

Klasična Gitara Paket Seymour Duncan STK-T3B

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Classic Tele-Twang without annoying interferenceSpecifications II: Achieved by "stacking" two coilsSpecifications III: The mo..

85,99€ 90,52€

Pickup Za Violinu Gewa VV-2 Firestone

Kontrole: volume controlSpecifikacije: soft cork pads to protect the instrumentSpecifications II: Simple installation without instrument modificationS..

85,41€ 89,90€

Klasična Gitara Paket Taylor GS MINI ES GO

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Pair it with the V-Cable™, which features a built-in volume control on the cord.Specifications II: Aftermarket pickup custom-..

62,65€ 89,50€

Reproduces the natural sound of a violin to an amp or PA set up. Clips into the "F" hole. No battery needed. Item No.: 6600032..


Allows tuning of acoustic instruments via vibration transmission Designed for the direct picking up at the instrument Allows tuning in noisy environ..


Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Schaller OYTER DOUBLE

Item No.: SC900102..

49,40€ 52,00€

Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Gewa Fire Stone

Specifikacije: Maple wood casing to glue onDužina: Cable 2,40 m, mini jack plug on mono jack plugŠirina: 70 mmVisina: 15 mmDubina: 55 mmItem No.: 9420..

45,41€ 47,80€

Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Schaller OYSTER

Item No.: SC900100..

32,30€ 34,00€

Pickup Za Violinu Gewa 940630 Universal

Features III: Crystal microphone with suction head mountingPribor: Fixed 3 m cable and jack plugArtikal: 940630Item No.: 93658..

21,85€ 23,00€

Pickup Za Bass Gitaru Schaller FEET DOUBLE BASS

Hardware: HromiraniItem No.: SC900148001..


5-9 Days
Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Lr Baggs ANTHEM SL CLASSICAL Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Lr Baggs ANTHEM SL CLASSICAL

Item No.: 7700820..

300,00€ 315,79€

5-9 Days
Pickup Za Akustičnu Gitaru Fishman NEO-D HUMBUCKER

Humbucker Brilliant acoustic open articulation with little background noise Passive Item No.: FNEODH..

91,97€ 96,81€

5-9 Days -50%
Acoustic On-Board Preamp Fishman PRO-PJA-001 Powerjack

A miniature onboard preamp built into an elongated endpin jack. The Powerjack will give active performance to your passive piezo pickup. 12,000+ hour ..

44,74€ 89,47€

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