Tip: AkustičniRaspon frekvencije: 15 Hz - 20 kHz, +/-3dBSpecifikacije: Microphone Type: MEMSSpecifications II: Polar Pattern: omnidirectionalSpecifica..

84,00€ 88,42€

Specifikacije: For mounting in the sound holeKarakteristike: Gooseneck microphone and piezo pickupFeatures II: Volume / Blend knobItem No.: 7700074..

149,00€ 156,84€

Tip: AkustičniSpecifikacije: Cord: 1.5 m, 6.35 mm plugTežina: 50 g Item No.: 9831..


FISHMAN M-100 Klasična gitara paket

A piezo-ceramic pickup element is embedded in an adjustable ebony replacement bridge for archtop style mandolins. Comes complete with a 1/4" external ..

137,70€ 153,00€

FISHMAN AGX-094 Classical / 12-Str. Narrow Pickup za akustičnu gitaru FISHMAN AGX-094 Classical / 12-Str. Narrow Pickup za akustičnu gitaru

Fishman's piezo crystal passive undersaddle guitar pickup Available in a variety of widths and string spacings for steel and nylon stringed guitars..

95,05€ 135,79€

FISHMAN M-200 Klasična gitara paket FISHMAN M-200 Klasična gitara paket

The M-200 is identical to the M-100, but includes a Carpenter style 1/4" output jack that mounts on the side of the instrument. An impedance matching ..

184,42€ 230,53€

Specifikacije: Cord: 1.5 m, 6.35 mm plugTežina: 50 gItem No.: 6600032..


LR BAGGS IBAS ELEMENT ACTIVE BRAND Pickup za akustičnu gitaru

Specifikacije: Includes iBeam placement jigSpecifications II: Natural string-to-string balance and dynamicsSpecifications III: Fits most x-braced guit..

169,00€ 177,89€


Noted pickup guru Tim Shaw engineered Fender V-Mod Telecaster pickups using a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types. Voiced specifically for neck a..

131,00€ 137,89€

FENDER ´62 P-BASS Pickup Set

The bass pickup that invented "funk" is still virtually unchanged to this day. Fender® offers you several options, from the American Series design to ..

125,00€ 131,58€


Specifications II: Resistance : 16.4K InductanceSpecifications III: Inductance : 8.5Karakteristike: Alnico 5 Resonance : 2,000 HertzItem No.: 099-2125..

95,95€ 101,00€

GEWA VV-2 Firestone Pickup za violinu

Kontrole: volume controlSpecifikacije: soft cork pads to protect the instrumentSpecifications II: Simple installation without instrument modificationS..

85,41€ 89,90€

SEYMOUR DUNCAN STK-T3B Klasična gitara paket

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Classic Tele-Twang without annoying interferenceSpecifications II: Achieved by "stacking" two coilsSpecifications III: The mo..

85,99€ 90,52€

TAYLOR GS MINI ES GO Klasična gitara paket

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Pair it with the V-Cable™, which features a built-in volume control on the cord.Specifications II: Aftermarket pickup custom-..

62,65€ 89,50€

GEWA Fire Stone Pickup za akustičnu gitaru

Specifikacije: Maple wood casing to glue onDužina: Cable 2,40 m, mini jack plug on mono jack plugŠirina: 70 mmVisina: 15 mmDubina: 55 mmItem No.: 9420..

45,41€ 47,80€

GEWA 940630 Universal Pickup za violinu

Features III: Crystal microphone with suction head mountingPribor: Fixed 3 m cable and jack plugArtikal: 940630Item No.: 93658..

21,85€ 23,00€

Specifikacije: Cord: 2.5 m, 6.35 mm plugTežina: 50 gItem No.: 6600034..


SCHALLER OYSTER Pickup za akustičnu gitaru

Item No.: SC900100..

32,30€ 34,00€

SCHALLER FEET DOUBLE BASS Pickup za bass gitaru

Hardware: HromiraniItem No.: SC900148001..


5-9 Days
FISHMAN NEO-D HUMBUCKER Pickup za akustičnu gitaru

Humbucker Brilliant acoustic open articulation with little background noise Passive Item No.: FNEODH..

93,20€ 98,11€

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