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MAPEX HPF1000 FALCON Drum Hardware Pack

Specifikacije: Double Braced StandsSpecifications II: Finish: ChromeKarakteristike: 2 x BF1000 Cymbal boom thomann stands (Adjustable boom arm)Feature..

613,90€ 767,37€

Double Braced: DaType: BoomBoja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Multi-step boom and cymbal tilters allow for convenient positioning.Specifications II: The ..

53,00€ 55,79€

TAMA HC43BWN Cymbal Stand

Boja opreme: HromDiameter: 25.4mm Diameter Base Section TubingSpecifikacije: Double Braced LegsSpecifications II: Boom/Straight Convertible TilterSpec..

69,00€ 72,63€

Double Braced: DaBoja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Two Booms, Snare Stand, Hi-Hat stand and Single PedalSpecifications II: Omni-Ball AdjusterItem No.: 7..

309,00€ 325,26€

TAMA HC83BW Cymbal Boom Stand

Diameter: 28.6mm Diameter Base Section TubingSpecifikacije: Quick-Set TilterSpecifications II: Quick-Set Cymbal MateSpecifications III: Gride-Tite Gri..

94,05€ 99,00€

YAMAHA CS865 Cymbal Stand

Boja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Infinite-adjustment cymbal tilter lets you set the boom to any angleSpecifications II: Hinged boom tilter clamp grips ..

119,00€ 125,26€

TAMA HC82W Cymbal Stand

Specifikacije: 28.6mm Diameter Base Section TubingSpecifications II: Quick-Set TilterSpecifications III: Quick-Set Cymbal MateKarakteristike: Gride-Ti..

63,20€ 79,00€

Double Braced: DaType: BoomBoja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Falcon Series Quick Release Cymbal LockSpecifications II: Multi-Sustain Cymbal FeltsSpecifi..

89,00€ 93,68€

MAPEX BF1000 Falcon Cymbal Boom Stand MAPEX BF1000 Falcon Cymbal Boom Stand

Double Braced: DaType: BoomBoja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Super-Glide Stepless TilterSpecifications II: Lockable Quick-Release WingnutSpecifications ..

108,63€ 135,79€

TAMA HC32W Cymbal Stand

Diameter: 25.4mmSpecifikacije: Stage Master SeriesSpecifications II: Fine Gear TilterSpecifications III: Reversible BottomKarakteristike: Includes Qui..

59,00€ 62,10€

MAPEX C200-TND Tornado Cymbal Stand MAPEX C200-TND Tornado Cymbal Stand

Double Braced: DaType: StraightBoja opreme: HromSpecifikacije: Designed to handle the rigors of contanst setup and teardown.Specifications II: Designe..

25,42€ 29,90€

TAMA HC84BW Cymbal Holder

Diameter: 28.6mmSpecifikacije: Boom stand with removable counterweightSpecifications II: With Quick set tilting mechanismSpecifications III: Double-br..

111,15€ 117,00€

TAMA HC74BW Cymbal Boom Stand

Type: BoomBoja opreme: HromItem No.: 3738..

94,05€ 99,00€


The HC63BW is a sturdy, double-braced boom cymbal stand. It features the Roadpro Quick-Set tilter which allows easy positioning of cymbals at virtuall..

80,75€ 85,00€

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