Zvuk: TemenKarakter: A complete dark sound designed for maximum performanceČinele: Features 14" Hi Hats, 16" and 18" K Dark Crash Thin, 20" K RideSpec..

171.053 RSD

Zvuk: SvetaoSustain: KratkoTežina: SrednjaFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: MesingDiameter: 14" Hi Hat, 16" Crash, 20" RideSpecifikacije: Start your Zild..

35.921 RSD

ZILDJIAN A0761 CLASSIC Orchestral 18" Marching Činele

Item No.: A0761..

107.763 RSD

Finiš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B8Činele: 1x Hi-Hat, 1x Ride, 1x CrashSpecifikacije: 14" I Family hi-hat,Specifications II: 16" I Family crashSpecifica..

65.657 RSD

Zvuk: TemenČinele: Includes 14" HiHat, 16" Crash, 18" Crash, 20" RideSpecifikacije: Darker tone S Family cymbalsSpecifications II: Random hammering fo..

87.631 RSD

Zvuk: TemenKarakter: Crash cymbal with fast response and short decaySustain: KratkoDiameter: 14" K Custom Dark Hi-Hats, 16" K Custom Dark Crash, 18" K..

156.579 RSD

Težina: Srednje tanakTežina dugmeta: SrednjiFiniš: BriljantanMaterijal: B8Chick Sound: Definiran i prilično jakaDiameter: 14"Specifikacije: Perfectly ..

37.237 RSD

Karakter: RegularFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B20Diameter: 18"Specifikacije: Designed with Steve Gadd after his favorite crash soundSpecifications I..

55.922 RSD

Težina: SrednjaFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B8Diameter: 20"Specifikacije: Excellent all-purpose rideSpecifications II: Suitable for many styles of m..

26.053 RSD

Težina: SrednjaFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B8Diameter: 20"Specifikacije: Precise and clear stick definitionSpecifications II: Assertive sounding be..

25.658 RSD


Diameter: 14"Specifikacije: Opens up with more dark overtones, distinction and musicality than ever beforeSpecifications II: Newer-style hammering tec..

98.553 RSD

Težina: Posebno tankaTežina dugmeta: TežakFiniš: TradicionalniDiameter: 15"Specifikacije: New tonal color direction for iconic K FamilySpecifications ..

84.868 RSD

Zvuk: TemenFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B20Diameter: 14"Specifikacije: Strong hi hat choice for drummers looking for color and articulation in all m..

82.237 RSD

Sustain: KratkoMaterijal: B20Diameter: 14"Specifikacije: The original dry cymbal for today's modern musical stylesSpecifications II: Dry, funky sound,..

82.237 RSD

Zvuk: TemenTežina: TankaTežina dugmeta: TežakFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B20Diameter: 14"Features III: Played amongst others by Larry Aberman, Tomm..

76.184 RSD

Zvuk: TemenFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B20Diameter: 18"Specifikacije: Dark, expressive, complex sound featuring more dark overtones and nuance than..

73.026 RSD

Težina: SrednjaFiniš: Tradicionalni, briljantanDiameter: 22"Specifikacije: Versatile all-around rideSpecifications II: Good stick definition with warm..

73.026 RSD

Zvuk: SvetaoKarakter: Bright, versatile and expressive cymbal setTežina: SrednjaMaterijal: B12Diameter: 14H, 16C, 18C, 20RSpecifications II: All the e..

73.026 RSD

Karakter: Darker and louder sound with long sustainSustain: DugoFiniš: BriljantanMaterijal: B20Činele: 21"Specifikacije: New tonal color direction for..

67.763 RSD

Item No.: ILH18C..

22.500 RSD

Zvuk: TemenFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B20Diameter: 20"Specifikacije: Excellent stick definitionSpecifications II: Dark, warm undertones with trash..

65.657 RSD

Karakter: Classic bright, expressive A Zildjian soundTežina: Srednje težakTežina dugmeta: TežakMaterijal: B20Činele: Classic bright, expressive A Zild..

61.185 RSD

Karakter: Bright sound with fast responseTežina: Srednje tanakFiniš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B8Diameter: 16"Specifikacije: Expressive I Family sounds ..

20.395 RSD

Karakter: Bright sound with fast responseTežina: Srednje tanakFiniš: TradicionalniDiameter: 16"Specifikacije: Offers the most versatility of all S Fam..

20.395 RSD

Finiš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B20Diameter: 11''Specifikacije: Designed with Japanese drummer Akira JimboSpecifications II: Combine darkness and brill..

30.526 RSD

Popular 5A Acorn model drumsticks in a selection of new multi-layer neon color finishes. Colors available include neon yellow, green and pink. These s..

2.062 RSD

Finiš: TradicionalniMaterijal: B20Specifikacije: One of the world's most popular ride cymbalsSpecifications II: The ride cymbal choice for a veritable..

54.606 RSD

Zvuk: SvetaoKarakter: Very clean "China" soundDiameter: 18"Specifikacije: Fast, explosive sound with immediate attack and smooth decay. Clean "China" ..

52.500 RSD

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