HOHNER 7582/64 Super 64 C Hromatska usna harmonika

  • Raspoloživost: Na lageru
  • Prodavac: HOHNER
  • Tip: 3194

  • 31.218 RSD

  • Bez PDV: 25.589 RSD

Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Tip: Hromatska
Ključ: C
Jezgro: Metalno
Prekrivena površina: Nerđajući čelik
Tanje dirke: 1,05 mm
Površina dirki: Mesing
Broj jezičaka: 64
Broj rupa: 16, Tonal range: 4 octaves, C3 - D7
Dužina (cm): 19.8 cm / 7.8"

The rich smooth sounds of the Super 64 will take you to the next level of maturity with your playing style.  All the benefits of a 16-hole chromatic in a sleeker design that is a bit classier and more impressive.  Take it with you on gigs to add extra authority to your performance.  Or keep it at home for special occasions.  It's meant to be savored.  Specially shaped sleek cover plates, silver plated mouthpiece, black body.

  • C Key
  • Available in C-major
  • Made in Germany

Item No.: 3194

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