TERRIS TEP1RED Electric Guitar Bundle

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  • Prodavac: VESTON
  • Tip: TEP1RED

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Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Boja: Crvena
Finiš: Sjajni
Vrat: Javor
Oblik vrata: Modern "C"
Fretboard: Topola
Broj pragova: 22
Širina nut-a: 42 mm
Skala: 650 mm
Pickguard: Beli
Konfiguracija magneta: SSS
Mašinice: Die-cast Tuning Machines
Hardware: Hromirani
Most: Vintage Tremolo
Kontrole: 1V, 2T, 5-Way Selector
Specifikacije: Bolt-on Construction
Specifications II: Paulownia Body
Specifications III: Amp AG-15T 15W
Karakteristike: Speaker: 6.5"/4Ω, Control: Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass
Features II: 5mm Guitar Bag
Features III: Guitar Amp with Reverb
Pribor: Tuner, Guitar Cable, 3x picks
Širina: 307mm (amp)
Visina: 280 mm
Dubina: 104mm
Težina: 2.8 kg

Don't hesitate and start your musical journey with our beginner electric guitar kits. Discover the joy of playing music and join the many satisfied customers who have already chosen our products. Order your kit today and embark on the path to musical success!

Electric Guitar Kit Includes:

Electric Guitar: Our electric guitar is specifically designed for beginners. It features a comfortable neck that makes playing easier and high-quality pickups that deliver excellent sound. Available in various colors and styles to suit your personal taste.

Amplifier: The compact amplifier included in the kit provides clear and powerful sound. It is ideal for home practice, offering enough volume and settings for different musical styles.

Cable: A high-quality cable to connect the guitar to the amplifier, ensuring smooth and reliable performance without interference.

Guitar Strap: An adjustable guitar strap that allows for comfortable playing while standing, which is especially important for performances and long practice sessions.

Guitar Bag: A lightweight and durable gig bag to protect your guitar during transport and storage.

Tuner: Ensures you can easily tune your guitar and play your favorite songs without difficulty.

Guitar Stand: Allows for safe storage of the instrument when not in use and protects it from damage.

Item No.: TEP1RED

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