LAG TBW2ACE Elektroakustična gitara

  • Raspoloživost: Na lageru
  • Prodavac: LAG
  • Tip: 92035

  • 97.368 RSD

  • Bez PDV: 79.810 RSD

Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Color: Natural wood
Prednja ploča: Kedar - Puno drvo
Stranice: Ružino drvo
Zadnja ploča: Ružino drvo
Broj pragova: 20
Širina nut-a: 43 mm
Skala: 650 mm
Elektronika: BlueWave
Most: Black Brankowood
Spajanje: X
Žice: Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53
Specifikacije: Back&Sides Santos Rosewood
Specifications II: Nut Black graphite wedge / 72 mm & 43 mm
Specifications III: Truss Rod Double-action
Karakteristike: Radius 350 mm
Features II: Neck Khaya
Features III: Back&Sides Santos Rosewood

The Lâg TBW2ACE auditorium cutaway electro acoustic guitar captures the essence of innovation and tradition, combining an exquisite auditorium body shape with the state-of-the-art BlueWave SmartLâg system. This cutting-edge preamp allows for room or hall-style reverb, delay effects, or a blend of both, all without the need for external amps, hardware, cables, or wires. It's rechargeable and intuitively designed, ready to unleash your creativity.

The auditorium cutaway shape of the Lâg TBW2ACE provides a balanced and versatile tone, ideal for range of styles and performances with the addition of Smart Technology. This elegant body shape, coupled with the BlueWave SmartLâg system, makes it an attractive choice for musicians looking for both quality and uniqueness.

The Lâg TBW2ACE is crafted with utmost attention to detail, featuring a top of Solid Red Cedar with a gloss finish, and laminated Santos Rosewood back and sides with a gloss finish. The bridge, fingerboard, and headstock are composed of Black BrankoWood, adding a consistent and beautiful touch. The Khaya mahogany neck, finished in satin, and a 2-way trussrod system contribute to the guitar's playability, offering a smooth playing experience. 

In line with the innovative tradition of Lâg, the TBW2ACE includes features like the iconic Lâg headstock mirrored on the bridge, graphite nut, saddle, and bridge pins, and the distinctive oval rosette. The quarter-round body bindings make the guitar visually appealing and comfortable to play. Inspired by an 18th-century fireplace in a French chateau, the headstock design, along with the black machine heads, evoke a classical appeal. The accompanying premium gig bag and the consistent high-quality manufacturing for which the Lâg Factory is renowned, make the TBW2ACE a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The Lâg TBW2ACE auditorium cutaway electro acoustic guitar, part of the BlueWave Series, symbolizes a seamless blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. With the auditorium body shape offering a balanced tonal quality and the cutting-edge BlueWave system, this instrument stands out as a sophisticated choice for those who seek to explore new musical horizons. It reflects Lâg's legacy and ongoing commitment to quality, innovation, and the enduring beauty of music. A guitar for the passionate musician, embracing the past, and envisioning the future.

Item No.: 92035

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