HOHNER 9531 Soprano Recorder German Fingering

  • Raspoloživost: Na lageru
  • Prodavac: HOHNER
  • Tip: B9531

  • 9.211 RSD

  • Bez PDV: 7.550 RSD

Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Materijal: Kruška
Specifikacije: Tuning: soprano
Specifications II: Fingering: German
Specifications III: Construction: 2-piece
Karakteristike: Material: dark pearwood, light pearwood, maple
Pribor: plastic hard case

With decades of experience and skilled craftsmanship, HOHNER´s designing engineers and product managers continually strive for improvements in sound and playability.

This philosophy is reflected in our plastic plus our finely crafted wooden recorders. Many of our beginner plastic models in addition to the Musical Line are very popular in music education programs around the world.

item name Musica 9531

series Musica Line
tuning soprano

Item No.: B9531

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