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Hercules DJStarter kit: a comprehensive, easy-to-carry and easy-to-install solution including the Hercules DJControl Starlight controller, Hercules DJMonitor 32 speakers, HDP DJ M40.2 headphones and Serato DJ Lite.   DJ Speakers Active monitor spe..
177.89 € 187.25 €
Hercules introduces the first-ever range of DJ controllers to really learn how to mix. Train your ear and learn to master beatmatching manually with the DJControl Inpulse 200. Its easy-to-use design and comfort make it the perfect controller to get s..
108.42 € 114.13 €
Hercules introduces the first-ever range of DJ controllers to really learn how to mix. With the DJControl Inpulse 300, you will love to practice your listening skills and learn to master beatmatching manually. Start DJing easily and improve quickly w..
209.47 € 220.49 €
Refine the mixes that you create with high-quality speakers for powerful, clear audio rendering. The DJMonitor 42 speakers are ideal for setting just the right mood: not too big or too small, they fit perfectly into any setting and provide an incredi..
131.58 € 138.51 €
Ultra-compact, ultra-light, ultra-practical and ultra-unique with its lights, the DJControl Starlight packs all the features needed to mix and scratch with Serato DJ Lite. With its built-in audio interface, the DJControl Starlight offers pre-listenin..
86.32 € 90.86 €
Is the sea your playing field? The mountain your source of fun and well-being? Are you one of those music fans who just can’t do without it before heading out to hit the waves, or the slopes? Sometimes music is our main source of motivation: it’s wha..
68.69 €
Drawing on its extensive expertise, Hercules is proud to offer a pair of active monitor speakers that are perfect for users getting started in the world of DJing. Though small in size, they more than measure up to other bigger models in their categor..
92.63 € 97.51 €
You live to ride – but it’s fun to just kick back sometimes, too… You also like to chill out between two ramp slides or two jumps and have fun hanging with your friends. To give you total freedom no matter what you’re up to, Hercules WAE designed a u..
49.86 €
The ultra-mobile DJControl Compact controller puts the essentials of mixing right at your fingertips. Compact, complete and charismatic, it’s the must-have “on the go” mixing companion. Take it with you wherever you go to get started in the world of ..
82.00 € 86.32 €
Brend: NUX
PMX-2U is a mini line mixer with USB. It’s a high quality USB audio interface that allows 192 kHz/24Bit recording. You can mix several audio devices and output via USB and main output. Each Input has independent peak LED light Master input level ..
80.75 € 85.00 €
Whether on your smartphone or your laptop, when you’re traveling, while you’re out and about (on your own, or with friends), music is your constant companion: it’s a part of you. So turn your passion into a perfect mix with the ideal ecosystem for..
230.53 € 242.66 €
Not only does the PS3-USB offer outstanding mixing control in a robust package, this 10-inch, 3-channel unit also features USB connectivity, allowing you to hook up a computer for playback or recording. The PS3-USB takes the top-selling functionalit..
104.30 € 149.00 €
Brend: CAMEO
Haze fluid for fine fog density and long standing time, 10 L oil-free The water-based Cameo Haze Fluid is specifically formulated for haze machines and creates a highly uniform, fine haze with long standing time and high reflective capacity. The 1..
54.00 €

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