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MEINL SB-SET-CHA Sonic Energy Singing Bowl Set

The Meinl Chakra 7 Singing Bowl Set:   The SB-C-250 Bowl:  Bowl Diameter: 3.75" / 9.5 cm  Bowl Weight: 8 oz / 250 g   The SB-E-700 Bowl:  Bowl ..

1.199,00€ 1.262,10€

MEINL SB-OR-400-BK Ornamental 400 g Singing Bowl

Diameter: 10.5cm     4.13″Specifikacije: Special bell metal cast alloySpecifications II: Constantly warm, low pitched soundSpecifications III: Hand-pa..

49,90€ 52,53€

MEINL STD1BK Sonic Energy A Minor Steel Tongue Drum

Boja: CrnaSpecifikacije: Tuned to the key of A Minor: E4, D5, C4, A4, A3, G4, D4, C5Specifications II: Rich, full-soundSpecifications III: Material: C..

299,00€ 314,74€

MEINL SB-U-2950 Sonic Energy Singing Bowl Set

Specifikacije: Handcrafted masterpieceSpecifications II: Made in IndiaSpecifications III: Special bronze alloyKarakteristike: Ideal for yoga and medit..

297,44€ 313,09€

MEINL SB-SE-800 Sonic Energy Engraved 800 g Singing Bowl

Diameter: 18cm     7.1″Specifikacije: Handcrafted masterpieceSpecifications II: Special bronze alloySpecifications III: Hand-engraved ornamental desig..

129,90€ 136,74€

MEINL SB-OR-400-R Sonic Energy Ornamental Red 400 g Singing Bowl

Specifikacije: Made in IndiaŠirina: 10.5cmTežina: 400g Item No.: SBOR400R..

49,90€ 52,53€

MEINL SB-SE-600 Sonic Energy Engraved 550-650 g Singing Bowl

Item No.: SBSE600..

99,85€ 105,10€

MEINL MGM-M-R Sonic Energy Gong Mallet

Boja: CrvenaDiameter: for Gongs Ø 22" - 80"Specifikacije: for Gongs Ø 22" - 80"Specifications II: Handle made out of beech woodSpecifications III: May..

69,90€ 73,58€

MEINL TMTGS-M Sonic Energy 15-22˝ Gong Stand

Boja: CrnaDiameter: Up to 15" Gong SizeSpecifikacije: Gong can be played in comfortable position on the floor or tableSpecifications II: Black Powder ..

69,00€ 72,63€

MEINL HD16WB-VF Sonic Energy Venus Flower Hand Drum

Boja: BraonDrvo: OakOpne: Hand Selected Goat HeadDiameter: 16" (40,64 cm)Specifikacije: Comfortable gripSpecifications II: Warm, rich and resonating t..

59,00€ 62,11€

MEINL MGM-S-R Sonic Energy Gong Mallet

Boja: CrvenaDiameter: for Gongs Ø 20" - 80"Specifikacije: Handle made out of beech woodSpecifications II: May be used also as a pairSpecifications III..

49,90€ 52,53€

MEINL B-XL Sonic Energy Bell

The MEINL Bells are handcrafted in India and made from a cast alloy. Used for meditation and as ritual implement and instrument of Buddhism, the bell ..

42,90€ 45,16€

Diameter: 9.5cm / 3,74"Specifikacije: Constantly warm, low pitched soundSpecifications II: Special brass cast alloyPribor: Gift box, corresponding mal..

39,90€ 42,00€

MEINL SB-RM Sonic Energy Singing Bowl Mallet

Boja: NaturalSpecifikacije: Made out of woodSpecifications II: Hot-branded logoSpecifications III: Made in IndiaDužina: 20.1cm Item No.: SBRM..


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MEINL Sonic Energy G Minor Steel Tongue Drum

Item No.: STD3BK..

299,00€ 314,74€

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