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A miniature onboard preamp built into an elongated endpin jack. The Powerjack will give active performance to your passive piezo pickup. 12,000+ hour battery life from a single 9-Volt battery! Professional installation is recommended. MODEL ..
68.60 € 98.00 €
The iBeam’s MIPA award-winning design employs a matched pair of virtually weightless film sensors that flex with the soundboard to trace your guitar’s voice much like diaphragms in a stereo mic. A key advantage over typical bridge plate sensors is th..
169.00 € 177.89 €
Fishman's piezo crystal passive undersaddle guitar pickup Available in a variety of widths and string spacings for steel and nylon stringed guitars All models are available with a Powerjack Active Endpin Jack Preamp An impedance matching..
129.00 € 135.79 €
Our classic Undersaddle ceramic guitar pickup. AG-Series pickups do not require a battery, but an impedance-matching preamp is recommended, for best performance. Available in a variety of widths and string spacings.Artikal: PRO-AG0-094 Includes AG-0..
80.80 € 101.00 €
The Matrix Infinity pickup and preamp system, the newest version of our flagship Matrix Series, offers clear, transparent tone, dynamic string response and ease of installation. Soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone rotary controls allow the player to ma..
175.26 € 194.73 €
The DS-2 Duo Source system uses, as its name implies, two different types of transducers to pick up the sound of the guitar. These are the high quality Platform under-saddle pickup and a miniature electret condenser microphone inside the guitar body...
149.00 € 156.84 €
The SBT Series pickups will reproduce a full, natural, transparent tone and can be mounted on any type of acoustic stringed instrument equipped with a flat soundboard.The Model SBT-E features the Fishman Switchjack and is recommended when a permanent..
107.00 € 112.63 €
Summary Our unique noiseless Stack design keeps all the classic Telecaster twang and bite without the hum. Description This vintage output stack delivers classic lead tone, with all of the bright Tele twang, but none of the traditional single co..
85.99 € 90.52 €
Designed by Taylor exclusively for the GS Mini, the ES-Go is a magnetic soundhole pickup that anyone can easily install in minutes with just a screwdriver. The pickup “floats” in the soundhole with the help of a connecting bracket that’s pre-installe..
85.02 € 89.50 €

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